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Children's Ministry

Talk about ongoing relationships!

Our client A., age 66 has been with us since July 2015. His sister originally called from another state with concerns about him being isolated here in Florida, since another brother had recently moved 40 miles away, leaving him alone in an over 55 community.
We were able to link him with Estero United Methodist, arranged for rides to church, and opportunities for fellowship. He seemed open to these offers, but nothing ever happened.
Our Veteran volunteer also started a phone relationship with him, and they talked about Veteran Benefits, etc. He really liked talking with this volunteer.
Shift to October 15th, when we received another call from his sister, telling us that he was hospitalized, suffering from injuries sustained in a fall. She got into more detail about his other personal issues, and was asking us for help in some way when he is released.
Along comes new volunteer P, – with lots of experience in counseling, who was able to arrange for a meeting between her, a Celebrate Recovery friend, and A.. They have visited with A. 2X to date, and are giving him lots of healthy support regarding his future. He is open to their help and advice, and God knows what will happen in the future for him.

Youth Ministry

Looking For place to live

C., single female, living on SSDI income only, first came to LoveINC for help in 10/10. She was looking for a place to live and a job.
She did not complete the intake, and no further action was taken at that time.
In July of 2015, she called looking for help with her lawn, so she didn’t get sited by the town. In the process of getting to know her, many issues have surfaced. She suffers from significant mental health issues, has been around the community and has alienated herself from some of the agencies, by her inappropriate behavior. We finished the intake and were able to help her with a water bill that was overdue.
Add to that, she was recently diagnosed with cancer, and has been going through the chemo and treatments, taking buses to Ft Myers (which can take her up to 12 hours for round trip and treatment). Because she has Medicaid, this is where the doctors are who can treat her.
She says she has no support system in place, and our verification has confirmed that. She does receive Meals on Wheels and the volunteer who delivers to her came to LoveINC for help and advice, because she thought the situation was so desperate. We gave her some tips on setting boundaries with C., and assured her that we are trying to help out as needs are identified, and that we prayed with her often when she calls.

Men's Ministry

Homeless Love Story

We have been working with a man, wife and 2 small children (ages 4 mos and 1 year) since mid-October.
He called us because they were living in his truck at Koreshan and he needed a place to stay. We connected him with various agencies and other non-profits in the area for basics such as diapers, food, gas money. Meanwhile, his wife had gall bladder surgery.
When he called back for gas money to get to Tampa for his DD Form 214, our Veteran volunteer was in the clearinghouse and was able to get E. connected with someone at the VA in Cape Coral. This person met with E. and was able to set him up with a host of VA services, including income for the 2 children (backdated). He also gave him rental opportunities for subsidized housing through the VA. They are now in temporary housing, awaiting more permanent settlement.
When one of our financial coaches, read his story, she immediately said that she would use her E.M.M.A. Fund (Every Moment Matters Always- set up to honor her granddaughter who died shortly after birth) to give them something for Christmas. She connected with them and delivered food, diapers, baby food, clothes, $50 gas card and $50 Wal-Mart card. She also brought a devotional for them to use and she prayed with them. They were very thankful for the assistance.

Children's Ministry

Single mother in need

B. is a single mom with one 6 year old girl, whom we have helped several times in the past – from 5/14 to 9/15 with rent, FPL, car payment, and water bill.
When she contacted us again in August, for help with an FPL bill, we required that she begin the financial coaching class.
Our Coach began working with her, and the client is very encouraged that the coach is taking the time to help her work out a plan for her future finances.
Our coach also included her daughter in the plans for the future and saw that the girl is also now involved in helping Mom to be vigilant in how they spend their money.

Men's Ministry

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