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For such a time as this, we highly recommend this book and Bible Study by Max Lucado called, Anxious for Nothing:

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COVID 19 self care tips

Practice Self-Care
In the midst of a stressful season or situation, many self-care practices are the same ones that prove helpful in everyday living:

Maintain your normal routines
Connect with family and friends
Eat well
Stay active
Get adequate rest
Do enjoyable activities
Employ coping skills that nurture your spirit, like prayer or mindfulness exercises

Support Each Other
We aren’t created to go through extreme stress alone, so this is also a time as part of God’s family to care for each other. Here are two questions to keep asking yourself:

What opportunities do I have to help others?
What is overwhelming right now that I should ask someone for help with?

While it feels like there is a lot we can’t control amidst concerns over COVID-19 (or other challenges of life), every one of us can make choices to stay emotionally healthy.
God’s got this!

Source: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Church Planning Template, Wheaton College’s Humanitarian Disaster Institute (HDI) with minor adaptation