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This love story includes one of our neighbors in need who we have been walking through life with since last year. He left his home during Hurricane Irma and came back to an unhinged roof and half of his rooms saturated in rain water. Not to mention he also had mold exposed on his ceilings in multiple areas. His living conditions were unhealthy and potentially dangerous at this point.

Thanks to our Clearinghouse Coordinator, Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services and several other professional agencies, this neighbor had his roof repaired, mold eradicated, and ceilings repainted.

During the process, we have seen this neighbor grow in his love, gratitude, and purpose. He invited us to visit his home this week to see the finished product and we were almost brought to tears at his sincere gratitude and overflowing joy! We celebrated with him by bringing some fresh flowers, ringing our Angel bell, and praying over his new heart and home!

ALL glory to God for allowing us to play a part in Love Stories like these.”

Thank you!!

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